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We are live 7 days a week! We break on 3 different channels so be sure to follow us on all platforms! Click the logos below to find us!

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What is a Break?

The sports card world has evolved into a new form of collection over the past decade. Finding a box of Panini, Topps, Upper Deck or any other top quality card is challenging and it can be expensive to purchase the entire box. What we offer from a box break is a chance for the box to be broken down into individual spots. Those individual spots can be based on the teams, divisions, or conferences in the league and will be explained in the description of the break.


Our live streams of the box break can be found one of our many social media platforms (Youtube, Facebook Live, and Twitch).  This gives our customers a chance to tune in and watch the break happen in real-time or after the break has occurred.


If it is a random team break, at the beginning of the break we randomize the list of customers' names who purchased a spot in the break and randomize the teams, divisions or conferences (depending what type of break it is). The assigned teams, divisions or conferences will then be posted for everyone to see. At this time you can trade with other customers in the break if you’d like but ultimately when we open the first pack of cards the team, division or conference you have is final. 


If you are a sports fan, memorabilia collector or if you simply just love cards - this is perfect for you! 

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