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528 Collectibles was officially established in 2020, but our legacy dates back to the early 90's.


As with any three brothers, when the oldest gets into a hobby, the younger brothers usually follow suit. It all started with collecting Baseball cards, and quickly expanded to Basketball, and Pokemon cards. If you could collect it, we started building our stacks. 


Nearly 30 years later, we’ve made a business out of our hobby and 528 Collectibles was born. Since our launch in 2020, our Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, and Youtube pages have continued to build followers and fans everyday.


Whether you want to buy specific cards from us, or take part in our nightly box breaks, our goal at 528 Collectibles is to continue to foster a platform where the new generation of card collectors can build their stacks too. 

Frequently Asked Questions



A box break is when multiple people purchase a spot to help reduce the cost of the box or boxes. For example, in a Random Team Break, one spot equals one team so you are essentially purchasing one team in the break. Once the spots are filled, our breaker opens a sealed new box or case of cards on our livestream. Each slot holder’s cards from their teams within the break are distributed to them after the break.

There are several types of group breaks that we run on this site which cater to all types of collectors, so feel free to browse and choose whichever works best for you! Remember, your participation gets you every card pulled for your assigned/chosen team.


These allow each collector to buy a single team from an entire box or case of cards. Teams are priced fairly based on the market demand for each team. This is the best option if you are looking for a certain player or a fan of a certain team.


All teams found in a product are priced the same and randomly distributed. You are buying a guaranteed slot in a break, and a team is randomly assigned to you just before the product is opened. This is our personal favorite!


All teams found in a product are priced the same and drafted just before the break begins. Draft order is randomized and each collector who bought in gets to pick a team.


All buy in slots are priced the same.  After the break is complete, we randomize all participants and you will draft from the pool of hits.


Sometimes instead of opening large quantities of a single product, it’s fun to mix it up! We combine boxes from a single sport that may be from multiple years or brands!

How Break works
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